The Myndflame Motto

"From local to global, through desktop and mobile; Shameless yet noble, proud but not boastful. Together we ride!"

My Mission

"As a veteran and innovator in the online entertainment industry since 2005, I have watched many talented individuals struggle to achieve their dreams and turn their talents into a deserving career including my own. I've been a member of various networks that have made empty promises, been bought out, sold out, and failed entirely taking our dreams with them. I don't disapprove of being partnered with networks. I myself am a member of TGS and a Twitch Partner. I just don't believe we should rely on them exclusively to provide for our futures. Shouldn't the fans have a say in all of this by sponsoring their favorite publishers?

Thus I give you™ An exclusive Myndflame innovation. Revolutionizing the way we put chicken in the Bucket!"

Clint Hackleman, July 16th, 2012
Myndflame Multimedia Advanced, Inc.

The Disclaimer

The Myndflame Bucket ( is a web application developed by Clint Hackleman and Maximilian Bartel (Indiqo) and is a trademark of Myndflame Multimedia Advanced, Inc. © 2012. Its code, functionality, process, and design may not be reproduced in whole or in part without written permission from the owner. Please see our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy for additional details on the use of this site.

What is is a part of the Myndflame Network and uniquely developed from the ground up to enhance the contribution process, serving donors (sponsors) with a fun way to automatically share messages on the "Wall of Win" in addition to claiming rewards digital, tangible, and serviceable (when available) in real-time. Proceeds provide an alternative to intrusive corporate sponsorships by funding and providing investment capital for free-to-view projects including live broadcasts and YouTube videos as well as future projects at will. By "Putting Chicken in the Bucket", you become a highly valued member of the community: A "Buckateer".

How it Works

The process of using the website is simple:

1. Make a Donation
2. Choose one reward
3. Post of the Wall of Win

Enter your contribution amount ($5 minimum for a wall post, $10 is recommended to claim a reward), proceed to Paypal for a secure and immediate transaction (no Paypal account required), and are then returned to select your reward and optionally post to the "Wall of Win". You're only allowed to redeem rewards that you're eligible for which is determined by your contribution amount. Reward availability may change by the day, week, or even hour at my discretion.

Are you entitled to a reward?

My goal is to make sure every contributor receives at least a small reward as a token for their support, however being rewarded is a privilege and not an entitlement. is not a store. Its purpose is to support Myndflame Projects and their continued success should be the greatest reward for any fan that wants to be a part of it. My obligation to provide rewards is therefore entirely at my discretion. I provide no warranty on the use of each reward and must limit support to prioritize the most important task which is to create the content itself. However, I will make every effort to see that this site functions properly, securely, and resolve any major issues or concerns.

The Wall of Win

The Wall is divided into two columns. The "Top Buckateers" lists the top 25 contributors over a specified amount of time, by default this is 30 days. However it may be changed temporarily during special events. Each row includes a Gravatar, an experience bar to gauge where you are relative to other Buckateers, and on mouseover displays your alias and latest message. The top 3 Buckateers are also listed on the front page. "Recent Chicken Supply" displays Buckateers by the most recent contributions, showing your Gravatar, alias, and message for 24 hours from the time that it is posted.

You can leave a comment on the Wall of Win each time you contribute. These are listed by the most recent. Some changes have been made to allow multiple comments on the Wall by the same contributor unless high activity is detected. Comments are then automatically reduced to one per contributor showing only your most recent comment. If you post a new comment while during high activity and you already have a comment on the Wall, your old comment is hidden and your latest will show up at the top of the most recent. The 3 Most Recent comments are also shown on the front page, however these are always limited to one comment per contributor. Even if only your latest comment is shown they're all archived and may be available to browse in a future update. Comments are linked to your profile but you can use an alias to protect your identity. These features have been designed to give everybody a fun way to leave a comment while preventing abuse.

Various icons are also displayed to represent your rank. I will update this with more information later! For now you'll just have to try it out and see what happens!


A Gravatar is an image that follows you anywhere from site to site based on your e-mail address. For your Gravatar to work on this site, go to and add your Gravatar for the e-mail address you use for your Paypal account. It may take some time for it to appear for the first time. This only needs to be set up one.

Link Policy

All comments are subject to our anti-linking policy which is no links, period! You can share links, pictures, and everything else on Myndflame's Twitter and Facecbook page.

Rank Icons

Various icons are displayed on both columns of Buckateers to represent your rank. They are all based on your overall experience on the site and will change accordingly. I will update this with more information later. For now you'll just have to try it out and see what happens!


I hope you enjoy the new bucket site as much as I do. It allows me to offer a lot more rewards and change them up frequently by automating the majority of them. Watch the show each day for updates on rewards and remember to check the rewards page frequently because they'll be updated quite often and most will only be available for a limited time! Also future updates are already planned.